Richard Musana - Director
Richard Musana – Director

Welcome to Nakalongo Christian Primary School’s website, which will help you to become more familiar with the depth and breadth of our School and, more importantly, the Children we serve.We are aiming at educating Children/ students to know Christ personally, excel academically, think biblically and positively impact their community for Christand theseChildren are really a blessing from the Lord!
I can’t think of a more important vocation than to educate Children, not just academically, but also spiritually. “All your children shall be taught by the LORD, and great shall be the peace of your children.” – Isaiah 54:13 (NIV).

We believe we are uniquely placed to be a catalyst for transforming education for hundreds of thousands ofAfrican children and fostering vibrant communities to address poverty in all its forms in Uganda.We believe education functions best when home and school work together. In pursuit of excellence in education, Nakalongo Christian Primary School is assisting Christian parents / Guardians by helping equip Children to embrace biblical truth, strive for academic excellence. Education is to draw out the potential of each learner. “When educating the minds of the children, we must not forget to educate their hearts” I am incredibly blessed!

We also take seriously the biblical mandate to care for orphans and widows and actively seek to minister to them as well. As a farmer believes in the potential of a seed and works diligently for the harvest, our school learning community strives to cultivate a nurturing environment, with holistic approaches, meeting the spiritual, social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs of our learners. In addition to imparting our learners with knowledge and equipping them with skills, we emphasize their character development. (Psalm 1:1-3).

We desire to give every child we encounter the opportunity to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ as we show them His love. We meet children (and their parents) where they live as we serve the differing needs of each community and this is through sacrifice for His kingdom. We should approach the tasking of selecting a school with deliberate attention. The School needs can only be answered through the power of prayer. Our prayer partners are sought to be of great value towards the needs of Children. God has called each of us to serve the needs of those who cannot do for themselves, especially orphans.

We pray that after visiting our website what we do at Nakalongo Christian Primary School with what you want for your children then we look forward to partnering with you in together serving the Lord with gladness.

May God bless you and your hearts to get in touch with us and may He shine upon to your hearts in Jesus Name.

For the glory of God alone,

Richard Musana