About Nakalongo Primary Christian School


Classroom Block Under Construction
Classroom Block Under Construction

Nakalongo Primary Christian School is found in the remote areas of Nakalongo and it is located in the rural Village in Uganda.  The school site campus is sting on a three (3) Acres of land that was donated by Mr. Ezekiel Suuti who is an elderly and born again a Christian in the area of Nakalongo. In February 2013, it opened up to the needy and Orphaned disadvantaged children in the local community of Nakalongo village who didn’t get the opportunity to be enrolled in the fewer distant schools. Also the guardians of the needy and Orphaned Children are too poor peasants who don’t afford to have money to pay for the needed requirements.


To produce a holistic citizen through quality Christian Education.


To have equitable Education for all with special emphasis on Christian Education.

Goal Purpose

To achieve a sustainable, affordable Christ-Centered education in the community.


  • To offer free access education to the children in the remote and destitute community.
  • To give Adults in the community an opportunity to acquire adult education.
  • To enable the Orphaned children in rural communities have access to education
  • To create a reading culture by providing books and the required scholastic materials
  • To mentor the children academically and spiritually.

Registration Status

The school is in the infancy stages of the registration process but according to the Education Act, it is authorized by the local authorities and the Government of Uganda to operate and offer education services to the helpless children in the Nakalongo community. The school will be granted a full registration after all the Classrooms are put in place. Hence considered for full registration for pre-and primary education.