The school is managed by a Board of Directors, who are charged with the responsibilities of governance.

Founders (Board of Trustees)

The Godhead directed Mr. Samuel Suuti Mukwaya, Mr. Richard Musana to have a vision for the establishment of Nakalongo Primary Christian School. This is because we are committed Christians having a strong desire and inspirational to see the younger generation educated and brought up in a Christian manner. Education is a key, tool and weapon to success and development. It is a key that opens doors to religious people, politicians, civil servants to mention but a few. It is a tool that one can use to do work with less sweat and weapon that wins battles without causing violence.


The school governance is specified in the ministry of Education and sports policy of the Ugandan Government. The Directors are all Guardians and members of the wider community, who are elected by the School founder members. They work in a voluntary capacity to oversee the governance and strategic directions of the School. To apply for membership of the School Board, parents should contact the Project Manager. Parents or community members with expertise in specific areas may be invited onto Board sub-committees to assist Board members in their decision-making on special projects. Nakalongo Christian Primary School has in regular attendance, 10 volunteer teachers, 1 cooks and a general labourer.

We believe that educating the poor is the greatest opportunity for transformation in the community. Education is a pillar in fighting ignorance, Poverty and Diseases which are still a big challenge in our rural communities.  A young person with book smarts and life skills can create a small business or find employment that will lift his or her family out of poverty; a young person grounded in a Christ-centred faith will develop the moral foundation necessary to transform a culture and remake a society.   With a dedication to serving the poor, Nakalongo Pre- and Primary Christian School proposes to increase access to Christ-centred education and improve the quality and relevancy of what’s taught in Christ-centred teachings. ‘Whoever welcomes this little child in My name welcomes Me; and whoever welcomes Me welcomes the one who sent Me.” — Luke 9:48.

The Founding body and volunteer staff at Nakalongo Primary Christian School seek to educate and pull from the shadows of society in order to ignite in each Child an imagination and a dream for their future. It is their dreams that we steward. The dreams of our children today are the bedrock of our nation tomorrow, and we believe that leaders, shapers, influencers and world changers live in the spirits of our children. This is why we want to provide high quality education, as well as enhance education through our Christian teaching syllabus.


The school is in the infancy stages of the registration process but according to the Education Act, it is authorized by the local authorities and the Government of Uganda to operate and offer education services to the helpless children in the Nakalongo community. The school will be granted a full registration after all the Classrooms are put in place. Hence considered for a full registration for pre-and primary education.