School Enrollment

The enrolment is for the poor and destitute orphaned children in the village of Nakalongo in the East of Uganda.  From small beginnings the school now has 700 students.

School Enrollment
School Enrollment

What the school doesn’t have is any buildings to offer good learning environment to the promising children!  We have a couple of thatched shade temporary structures at the school campus and that is it!!

At the time of commencement in 2013, we enrolled 85 children but the number has gradually increased of student and we are expecting more to be enrolled in the next year 2018.

The cause of this is because the volunteer teachers and the community of Nakalongo have a strong desire to unlock the imagination of every child that comes through its doors. The school is uniquely set apart from other distant community schools because of its quality of education and sound, Christian teaching.  While the children in Nakalongo are getting an education, it is outside, so when it rains schooling is cancelled, and when it is really hot, they sit in the sun!.


S/N Class/ Teaching grade  Pupil’s Age Female Male Total number
1. Baby (Pre- primary teaching) 3 years 30 43 73
2. Middle- Baby (Pre-primary teaching) 4 years 41 37 78
3. Top –Baby (Pre-primary teaching) 5 years 35 38 73
4. P.1 (Primary teaching) 6 years 34 40 74
5. P.2 (Primary teaching) 7 years 45 40 85
6. P.3 (Primary teaching) 8 years 39 34 73
7. P.4 (Primary teaching) 9 years 34 39 73
6. P.5 (Primary teaching) 10 years 37 46 83
7. P.6 (Primary teaching) 11 years 49 39 88

The above is the current enrolment of the school but we are expecting the number to increase in this academic year 2018. The targeted average number of pupils/children in each class is 120 and that is the reason as to why the proposed teaching class room are for 120 Children per class room. You should note that we are currently operating the primary section from primary class one to primary class six. In future we intend to have and cover for the primary seven as soon as the construction of the school buildings is done.

We are committed to educating the most vulnerable children in the Nakalongo community.  Our school strives to rise up individuals who could in future be able to think for them, make good decisions and have self-confidence. We believe that children who attend in our Christian school would be Uganda’s future leaders, innovators and world-changers.