Promote Academic Excellence & Spiritual Character Development

We are committed to helping every student reach his or her full potential. We have introduced school debates, interest and academic clubs, spelling competitions and academic excursions basically for the provision of quality education. The school is positioning itself to provide high academic standards for all students in a positive and caring atmosphere, supported by the local community and our prospective supporters worldwide.  Student centred learning is emphasized.  The school holds the “Heart to Heart” sessions with kids to promote good character and good citizenship which is helping to develop Christ like living life and leadership skills in the following ways below:-

  1. Spiritually
    1. To lead all Children, who have not already done so, to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
    2. To develop an appreciation of the Bible and an ability to make daily application to life.
  2. Academically
    1. To provide secular humanistic education based on the Christian perspective.
    2. To enable students to master the tools of learning and think logically.
  3. Socially
    1. To nurture children in such a way as to develop in them with Biblical principles.
    2. To promote within each student the ethical and Christian character.
    3. To provide students with opportunities to discover and develop talents.

What We Like About It?

The available statistics indicates that, Uganda has a high percentage of children – almost 50% of the population is under 4-15 years of age.  Due to HIV/AIDs and other illnesses, there are a large number of orphans and grandparent-headed households.  70% of the population in the Nakalongo area are living below the poverty line.  When money for food is scarce, education becomes far less of a priority, and intergenerational poverty is almost assured.  While the children in Nakalongo are getting an education, it is outside, so when it rains school is cancelled, and when it is really hot, they sit in the sun. This school is the only chance the children have to get an education.  The area is poor and their parents (where the students have them) cannot afford to send them to another town to attend the school there. We therefore created a small local school to give the children a basic primary education.


Nakalongo Pre-and Primary Christian School’s education is about taking those who are the least likely to receive an education and set them in an environment where dreams come alive, imaginations grow, creativity is celebrated, critical thinking is encouraged and leaders are made. We feel both academic and Christian Education can do result to a number of things in society. The School project is changing the lives of children and the community for the better. We are working hard to create a reading culture by providing simple books for children and teachers  and the following are the expected life changes:-

  1. More children will be able to attend school in a school building, with proper classes.
  2. More children will receive a proper education for their future life.
  3. The community will develop a sense of worth and cohesion through building the school and having partners willing to invest in them.