Message From The Board Of Directors

In Nakalongo Community, Children aged between the ages of 8-15 are at a high risk to be duped into early marriage by the irresponsible men in the community. With more young people in the community, child marriage is a human rights violation that we must end to achieve a fairer future for all. While boys are sometimes subjected to early marriage, girls are disproportionately affected and form the vast majority of the victims of child marriage.

The Orphaned Children in Nakalongo Community
The Orphaned Children in Nakalongo Community

Our Response:

The HOPE Principles; for far too long, hopelessness has characterized the lives of children living with HIV. Disease, Poverty, Orphan hood or Abandonment and inaccessible opportunities have become a consistent story written on the lives of a young generation in Uganda. Nakalongo Primary Christian School is writing off a story of HOPE to confront the cycle of hopelessness and bring about sustainable change. When Nakalongo and Primary Christian School began to create a strategy to address the diverse elements of an HIV positive child’s life, four key areas emerged. Although healthcare, prosperity and education are three key components of our strategic response, at Nakalongo Pre- and Primary Christian School, we believe that the most important is LOVE.  We claim that all we do will be intentionally grounded in LOVE and will .communicate LOVE to the children in our care.  Our desire is that the children at Nakalongo recognize that Jesus is LOVE, and, as a result, live like Him.

The HEART of Hope: The most valuable of all our principles is LOVE. We spell HOPE with a heart because it is the one aspect of life that has the power to transform the dreams, values and spirit of every child. We believe that God’s divine nature is LOVE and because of His relentless compassion, He has called us to respond to the cries of orphaned and vulnerable children living with HIV/AIDS and the needy Children in Nakalongo community.

At Nakalongo Primary Christian School, we measure prosperity according to the Gospel, rather than the way in which the world defines it.  We believe that God has a plan and desires to carry out good for each of our children here at Nakalongo.  Therefore, we have cultivated an environment that encourages the kids at Nakalongo to view their current and future success not in financial terms, but in how they go about loving people throughout their life.

We believe that prosperity flows out of an identity shift that takes place deep within the heart and mind of a child, an adult and community. An impoverished soul, an impoverished mind and an impoverished spirit must be overcome in order to truly overcome poverty.

Furthermore, we believe that where prosperity and generosity co-exist in the life of one person, community transformation can transpire. Not only do we want prosperity for the lives of children transformed in the community, we want those same children to realize they can be participants of change and lift others out of poverty and despair.

The Current Learning Environment At School

P.4 student standing in front of the classroom
P.4 student standing in front of the classroom
P.3 Students attending class in the grass thatched shed
P.3 Students attending class in the grass thatched shed

Building Structures:  The School doesn’t have the building structures and students are studying under the tree shades and small –mud moulded grass thatched houses of which cannot provide a good learning environment. Therefore, there is need for the provision of the seven (7) learning classrooms for the children and one (1) room for office administration / staff room, and one (1) kitchen room for meal preparations.

Curriculum Books: The volunteer teachers are lacking the lesson teaching books and students also lack scholastic learning materials so as to offer quality education to the children.

Desks and Chairs: The children sit on the ground as the school lacks desks.

Solar lighting: Once the school gets the buildings, there shall be a need to fix solar lighting system at the school.

Fencing of the school: There is a great need to have the school premise fenced and this helps in the safe guarding and to provide security for the children at the school.

Registration of the school: There is a need to have the required above facilities as a pre-requisite to have the registration process completed and the school to be fully registered by the Government of Uganda.

Shortage of Water: There is a need to have a bore hole in the community of which it will be purposeful to provide water for both the children at school and the entire community.

To achieve our goals, we are praying for the above to be fixed at Nakalongo Christian primary school and that can result to the better learning environment of the children.

God will pay you back for sacrificial giving:

Pro.22:9 – He…shall be blessed; for he giveth…to poor
Pro.28:27a – He that giveth unto the poor shall not lack
Eccl.11:1 – Cast thy bread upon the waters: thou shalt find it
2Cor.9:6b – He which soweth bountifully shall reap bountifully